About me

As a journalist, I was a television news writer, producer and forward-planner – an all-round, multi-skilled broadcast hack.

I wrote and produced a Review of the Year programme for ITV as well as a double-page feature in the Guardian newspaper. 

In communications, I generated publicity on Radio 4’s Today programme, Channel 4 News, the Guardian, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail by digging out the stories lurking in the background.

As a copywriter, I draw on both these areas to help identify messages and shape tone of voice using plain, simple English. 

I write digital copy: web, blogs, social postings, email campaigns, landing pages, eLearning content and guides. I also write the more traditional marketing stuff like brochures, flyers, annual reports, corporate bios and awards submissions.

And in the brave new world of digital, I’m never without my acronym EpiPen that helps my work with UX, UD, UI, SEM and SERPS.

Check out my work here.


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