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Feature writing

Project: Newspaper feature

Client: The Guardian

Brief: To write a feature for the Guardian on the rise of female funeral directors. I researched the piece after hearing about a funeral service conducted by a woman. I discovered a trend and was commissioned to write the feature. It was published online and in the paper's weekend section.

Blog writing

Project: Blog journal

Client: Blaiz, a fashion retailer

Brief: To write online content for a new London concept store selling luxury fashion goods from Latin America. The first in the series was this fashion 'journal' introducing the founder and the idea behind the business. The content was part of plans to increase sales through digital marketing and social media ad campaigns.

Brochure writing

Project: A&E doctor ‘toolkit’

Client: Health Education England (HEE)

Brief: To write a ‘toolkit’ that would help UK hospital emergency departments train more accident and emergency doctors into consultant roles. The client HEE has responsibility for recruiting and training staff in the British health service. The toolkit was part of an NHS roll-out of a successful programme underway at a hospital in Derbyshire.

Client feedback: Jess’s ability to take information from clinicians and combine it with policy and data to produce engaging, concise copy is evident in the success of the work she has produced for us. She is a very talented writer.

Daryl Barrett, Health Education England

Report writing

Project: General Practice Nursing Workforce Development Plan

Client: Health Education England

Brief: To write a report for the government, health and education sectors on the falling number of GP nurses and what can be done to reverse the decline. The project involved 25 people from six NHS bodies and made a series of recommendations to government.

Client feedback: Jess managed to bring order out of chaos to deliver the essential narrative, focus and style we needed for our report. We were impressed with her skills and professionalism, how quickly she grasped the issues and her ability to turn the work around so fast to fit our timelines.

Dr Pete Lane, Chair GP Nurse Strategy Group, Health Education England

Ghostwriting press feature

Project: Ghostwriting feature for the Law Journal

Client: Independent Occupational Therapy Services Ltd

Brief: I was approached by an occupational therapy (OT) company who'd been asked to submit an article to the Law Journal about the role of OT in brain injury litigation. I interviewed the company’s founder and wrote a seven-page press feature.

Client feedback: Jess was very professional and kept to the brief and the timescale. She was able to translate our medical jargon to put together an easily understood and interesting read for those in the legal profession.

Laura Slader, Founder, Independent Occupational Therapy Services Ltd

Academic regulations writing

Project: University regulations

Client: London South Bank University (LSBU)

Brief: To rewrite policies and regulations for one of London’s most diverse universities. I worked with the academic director to edit and simplify an extensive list into a concise, ten-page summary of the core rules that all students needed to know. The outcome was a Crystal Mark Seal of Excellence from the Plain English Campaign being awarded to the LSBU.

Client feedback: Jess worked with us as copy editor, rewriting and advising on how best to present governance information to students. Our procedures are now much easier to understand.

Janet Bohrer, Academic Director, London South Bank University 

Brochure writing

Project: Brochure

Client: Asset Skills Training

Brief: To write and produce a brochure promoting a talent management programme that aimed to improve staff retention in social housing. The project was called Rise & Shine and was a government-funded HR initiative being rolled out nationally to housing associations and local authority housing departments.

Annual report copywriting

Project: Annual report

Client: Asset Skills

Brief: To write the annual report of Asset Skills, a Department for Business-funded, employer-led body that developed apprenticeships and training for the workforce. The report had to feature strong case studies showing wise spending of public money, as well as summarising activity across the four home countries.  

Website copywriting

Project: Website rewrite following rebrand

Client: Grayling

Brief: To rewrite all pages of an insurance company’s website following a rebrand and company name change. This included all web copy, case studies, bios and microcopy.

Client feedback: Jess has a knack of getting behind technical language and rooting out the key messages. Her journalistic background means she writes clearly and concisely.

Kathryn Ager, Director and Head of Health, Grayling

Web copywriting

Project: Landing page and website copy

Client: Inclusive Digital

Brief: To write copy and edit images for a series of landing pages and news stories for the website of a fast-growing digital media company. The landing pages were used in SEO campaigns promoting various digital services.

Client feedback: Jess has a real skill at listening to a briefing about a complex issue and turning it into well-written and clear news items, social media posts or website pages.

Nigel Dacre, Chief Executive, Inclusive Digital

Presentation writing

Project: Mental health charity presentation

Client: Head Talks

Brief: To write and produce an introductory presentation for the launch of the mental health charity Head Talks. The presentation outlined the state of play with mental health in the UK and cited the increasing numbers of people suffering problems. It was used in talks to the business world, in schools and in prisons to show the positive steps that can be taken to overcome such problems.

Client feedback: We were impressed with the quality of Jess’s work and have since used her to help write speeches and other material.

Oliver Chittenden, Founder, Head Talks

Corporate film scriptwriting

Project: Film scripts for internal Oxfam films

Client: Corporate filmmaker Robb Ellender

Brief: To write three short scripts for internal Oxfam films being made to promote the charity's Humanitarian Peer Review Partnership initiative. The project was commissioned to raise awareness of changes to work methods that aimed to improve communication and transparency.

Client feedback: Jess is a brilliant writer, with a particular skill for pulling out the essence of what needs to be said and delivering it in a simple yet catchy way. Not only that - she’s really easy to work with.

Robb Ellender, Filmmaker

Marketing copywriting

Project: Core skills leaflets and other printed marketing material

Client: Asset Skills

Brief: To write and produce printed marketing materials about literacy and numeracy training. Asset Skills was a government-funded, employer-membership organisation that developed and promoted apprenticeships and other development programmes. The leaflets, posters and information sheets were distributed at business events to help employers identify staff who may be struggling with basic skills in order to offer them training.

While there is strong demand for website copywriting services, many of my clients still want their reports, brochures or publications in both print and online.

Below is some of my work as a freelance London copywriter from press features, online journals and web pages, to NHS reports, guides, corporate film scripts and leaflets.

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