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Copywriter FAQs

A copywriter writes the material a business needs to promote or sell what it does. That material is called 'copy' or ‘content’. Professional copywriters are in demand because clear words form strong messages and these play an integral role in the modern day company's ‘front desk’ (their website).

Copywriters write whatever needs to be written.

Digital, ecommerce and website copywriters write the words you read online – in sales emails, eBooks, how-to guides, top ten list blogs, social media posts or web pages.

Marketing copywriters write the more traditional materials that are produced for both web and print. These include brochures, press releases, corporate publications, magazine features, newspaper articles and annual reports.

Creative copywriters write the words in ad campaigns in the print and broadcast press, on the internet or in out-of-home adverts, like those you see on buses and trains.

There are many freelance copywriters in London and it’s not always easy to know whether they’re good or not. While copywriting services agencies will have vetted their writers for quality, it’ll cost you much more to hire a copywriter using this route.

If you’ve engaged the services of an independent, freelance print and web copywriter, the first thing to establish is whether they have the relevant training or professional background. Also, how long have they worked in copywriting? Even with the right training, it can take several years to perfect the skill of succinct writing.

Another thing to look for is their work portfolio which should be displayed on their website. This will show the kind of copywriting projects they’ve worked on. The best copywriters should also have strong reviews and testimonials which are easily verifiable in today’s digital world.

Finally, location. If you’re a business in the UK capital, it makes sense to hire a freelance copywriter in London. If your writing project looks like lasting a while, proximity can be helpful.

Good copywriting is not as straight-forward as many people think. It requires skill to write concisely. Promotional writing also needs to contain a message that resonates with the target audience.

A common mistake many business owners make is to think the copywriting bit is easy. They employ someone to oversee all their marketing and usually expect that person to write their business copy. In some instances this may work but usually it doesn’t.

When the words used by your business are public-facing it's essential to get them right. Good copywriting takes time and if it's squeezed in alongside a multitude of other tasks, the quality will suffer. Even worse, if mistakes slip through and there are spelling errors or grammatically incorrect sentences all over the page, it can harm the business brand you've worked so hard to build.

Outsourcing the copywriting to a talented freelance copywriter may prove to be one of the wisest business decisions you will ever make.

Your website has 15 seconds to grab your potential customers.

If you're a business and you want to increase online growth, the answer is yes, you do need a copywriter for your website.

A website copywriter understands digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). The best SEO copywriters know how to get your website noticed by your customers. They know how to find certain keywords related to your business. They will weave these keywords into the headlines and paragraphs on your website.

SEO copywriting will help push your site into a prominent position on Google which in turn should increase the number of people clicking onto it.

As an aside, there's no point in simply increasing the number of people visiting your website unless you can then turn them into paying customers once they're there.

How do you do this? Through strong words on every page and good, professional website design.

Who needs copywriters is a common question. The answer is anyone who struggles to write copy needs a copywriter.

There are many people who struggle to write copy. There are also many people who don't and think that because they can get words onto a screen they don't require the services of a professional copywriter.

Writing strong copy that sells involves specialist know-how. When your public-facing words are not prioritised, chances are your sales will suffer. And there's nothing quite like a lacklustre profit margin to shake someone out of this common misconception.

It’s the same with a news story or a business story. The power of words must never be underestimated.

Tone of voice is simply the style and language used for different audience groups. Adapting tone of voice is important. A senior corporate report style of writing will not resonate with readers of a homeopathy website.

Many copywriters choose to specialise in one area but will still be required to adapt tone of voice according to the project and its specific audience.

Generalist or non-specialist copywriters may be writing copy for children, teenagers, pensioners, council residents, financial workers, parents, patients, government officials, doctors, women, men, transgender groups, construction workers or the general public.

For each new group, the copywriter will need to change her hat and adopt a different tone of voice with the words used.

I charge according to each project and consider its complexity first before estimating duration.

As a guide, for jobs lasting two weeks or more, my rate is £280 per day.

Between one and two weeks, it's £300 per day.

Less than one week is £360 per day.

If the job is quick, I charge an hourly rate of £50.

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