Nigel Dacre, Chief Executive, Inclusive Digital: “Jess does a brilliant job writing content on the activities and developments at our company. She has a real skill at listening to a briefing about a complex issue and turning it into well-written and clear news items, social media posts or website pages. She’s become a crucial member of our team.”

Kathryn Ager, Head of Health and Public Sector, Grayling: “Jess has a knack of getting behind technical language and rooting out the key messages. Her journalistic background means she writes clearly and concisely. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent writer.”

Ian Rumsey, Director of TV Production, ITN: “I worked with Jess for several years. She was, and remains, a fantastic journalist with a great instinct for news and television storytelling. Energetic, enthusiastic, tenacious and talented. Hire her in a heartbeat.”

Oliver Chittenden, Founder, Head Talks: “We’ve used Jess to write mental health presentations and speeches for Head Talks. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of her work.”

Dr Pete Lane, Health Education England: “Jess managed to bring order out of chaos to deliver the essential narrative, focus and style we needed for our report. We were impressed with her skills and professionalism, how quickly she grasped the issues and her ability to turn the work around so fast to fit our timelines. I am happy to endorse her work to others.”

Mani Bajwa, Founder/CEO, Billion Women: “We asked Jess to help work on my speech for our charity’s House of Lords event on International Women’s Day, 2017. She advised and structured it so the information flowed beautifully. It was a successful evening and I’m confident our message reached all those who attended.”

Janet Bohrer, Academic Director, London South Bank University: “Jess worked with us as copy editor, rewriting and advising on how best to present governance information to students in an understandable format. Our procedures are now much easier to understand and have received a crystal mark seal of excellence from the Plain English Campaign.”

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