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Are you looking for copywriting services to help you say what you need to say in the digital age?

The demand for words has never been greater and yet so many people struggle to get those words out of their heads and onto the screen.

If this is you, perhaps my website copywriting services can help. I’m Jess, a freelance London copywriter with a strong background in telling and selling stories.

Jess Watson – freelance London copywriter

Why hire me for your copywriting services?

  • Because I’ve worked in journalism, marketing and PR. I know what grabs attention and how to write it.
  • Because I’ve written about many different topics for many different audiences – digital, broadcast and print.
  • Because I know how to write across all platforms in all formats – websites, blogs, ecommerce, press features, NHS reports and TV news.
  • Because I’m well-trusted and have worked for big brands. You can view some of my work as a freelance copywriter here.

“Energetic, enthusiastic, tenacious and talented. Hire her in a heartbeat.” Ian Rumsey, Director of TV Production, ITN

Trusted freelance London copywriter

I’ve worked for ITN, ITV News, the BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Grayling and the NHS, as well as charities and universities.

When I was a journalist, I worked in radio, television and online news. I was a writer, producer and forward-planner – an all-round, multi-skilled broadcast hack.

I wrote and produced a Review of the Year programme for ITV, as well as a double-page print feature in the Guardian newspaper. 

In communications and PR, I generated publicity on Radio 4’s Today programme, Channel 4 News, the Guardian, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail.

Jess Watson - highly-skilled London copywriter

In my work as a freelance London copywriter, I draw on my expertise in journalism and communications to identify messages and shape tone of voice using plain, simple English.

Every business has a story lurking in the background so first I’ll help unearth yours.

Next I’ll use that story as part of your marketing to get you noticed using the power of words.

I know my stuff and I’m a versatile and extremely down-to-earth freelance copywriter.

Put me to the test with whatever writing requirements you have.

The customer is always right. Read what mine say about me here.

“Jess’s blogs have been an invaluable addition to our content strategy…. Her first blog alone brought in over double the number of our usual readers.” Coral Wood, Head of Marketing, Powered By Coffee

Copywriting services London - professional logo

Digital, SEO, website and print copywriting

I write for digital, SEO and print including:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog copywriting
  • Landing pages
  • Web brochures
  • Web guides
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Email campaigns
  • Brochure copywriting
  • Annual report copywriting
  • Flyers
  • Corporate publications
  • Awards submissions
  • Press features
  • Articles
  • Bios

Different copywriting for different audiences

I write for ecommerce, B2B, B2C and other audiences as part of publicity, brand engagement and website marketing campaigns.

  • Publicity copywriting is the attention-grabbing stuff that appears on websites or blogs like thought leadership (profile-raising) features and other press articles.
  • Brand engagement copywriting creates an emotional bond between consumers and brands. This is where the power of a good story plays its part.
  • Advertising, sales conversion and website copywriting produces the words that support selling, like web product descriptions, email campaigns, Google ads or those you see on TV or when out and about.

I do the lot. And if I don’t have availability to help with your project, I work with a team of other qualified copywriters in London and can steer you to someone who does.